Ranking The World’s Most Popular Finance Blogs

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Site Name Traffic Rank Followers Likes Score
Mr. Money Mustache 25,817 69.9K 82.6K 9.9
Wise Bread 33,526 59.4K 41.3K 9.3
Get Rich Slowly 129,211 52.7K 108.2K 8.7
The Simple Dollar 20,964 12.0K 45.6K 8.7
Money Under 30 73,759 13.6K 19.0K 8.4
Budgets Are Sexy 206,000 30.0K 13.9K 8.1
Frugal Rules 292,563 33.3K 4K 8.1
Seed Time 137,035 10.1K 75.4K 8.1
Side Hustle Nation 146,071 18.3K 7.9K 7.8
Financial Samurai 78,845 16.5K 1.9K 7.2
Money Ning 356,864 16.0K 12.2K 7.2
My Money Blog 144,394 2.5K 5.6K 7.2
Bible Money Matters 263,360 18.4K 4.2K 6.9
Three Thrifty Guys 307,422 3.9K 1.8K 6.9
Cash Money Life 260,413 4.0K 1.8K 6.6
PT Money 413,295 17.1K 4.8K 6.6
Reach Financial Independence 1,548,001 20.1K 4.2K 6.6
Dough Roller 161,571 3.8K 1.8K 6.3
Free from Broke 724,437 11.7K 2.3K 6.3
Investment Zen 290,078 7.6K 498 6.3
Living Richly on a Budget 1,526,749 11.6K 4.9K 6.3
Len Penzo 690,916 5.3K 2.0K 6.0
Moolanomy 544,636 7.7k 2.4K 6.0
Money Smart Guides 1,350,754 13.8K 1.6KK 6.0
My Dollar Plan 683,379 2.8K 1.8K 6.0
Barbara Friedberg PF 2,329,602 8.1K 1K 5.7
Frugal Dad 753,138 418 306 5.4
Lazy Man and Money 486,667 5.4K 876 5.4
Budgeting in the Fun Stuff 1,149,584 4.1K 1.4K 5.1
Clever Dude 1,245,869 2.3K 319 5.1
Clever Girl Finance 3,412,805 941 1.5K 5.1
Feast Style Thrive 25,139,687 3.8K 893 5.1
Half Banked 1,369,665 3.2K 352 5.1
Magical Penny 5,943,010 2K 339 5.1
Debt Free After Three 4,508,730 978 397 4.8
Hope and Cents 9,105,339 1.4K 961 4.8
Burke Does 8,270,067 1.4K 688 4.5
Dinks Finance 1,255,389 9.0K 6 4.3
Cheapsters 5,190,303 1K 537 4.2
Done by Forty 2,975,270 924 181 4.2
Thousandaire 2,546,926 159 733 3.9
Get Rich Quickish 3,092,417 14K 26 3.6
Top Money Habits 9,598,081 240 58 3
Finance Smiths 5,235,427 191 8 2.9


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How the Scores are Calculated

The overall score is based on a combination of how much traffic a site receives, and how many social media followers (Facebook and Twitter) the brand has.

Please keep in mind that this is mostly for ‘fun’ and just to highlight the great community there is in personal finance blogging.

The number I’m sure you’re most curious about, is “Traffic Rank”.

Traffic rank is based on your estimated traffic numbers from SimilarWeb.com. The lower the number, the better.

The data from SimilarWeb is not designed to show exact numbers, but is typically highly accurate when used on a comparative basis.

For instance, J Money’s Budgets Are Sexy is estimated to reach around 220,000 visitors per month. This gives his site a rank of 206,000 most popular on the entire web, or in the top 67,000 websites in the US.

Now, if J is reading this (“Hi Jay”) he may be thinking, “But I get more / fewer visitors than that”.

Again, SimilarWeb is best looked at comparatively, rather than on an individual basis.

For instance, another site we love is Fiery Millennials. SimilarWeb estimates the site receives around 2,500 visitors per month.

Neither J Money or Gwen’s numbers are likely to be perfectly accurate, but if you had access to both of their traffic data, you’ll likely find J receives around 100 times more daily visitors than Gwen.

Make sense? I hope so!

If there is anything confusing about that – I tried my best (!) – please feel free to email spokengrowth@gmail.com.

If your site is missing and you would like us to add it, please feel free to email the same address.

It took quite a lot of time to compile this data, so we would appreciate some social media love if you have a second.


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