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About Spoken Growth

We started SpokenGrowth as a means of ‘scratching our own itch’.

Some people prefer reading articles; some prefer audio, others visual.

Podcast download numbers went crazy in 2016 with numbers reaching the billions. Some of our reasons for favouring podcasts include when driving, whilst out for walks or exercising, during meals or simply getting ready.

We know that we share these habits with many others, as the download numbers testify.

So we created a resource which allowed us to listen to some of the most popular and inspiring personal growth articles that Medium.com has to offer, whilst we were on the go.

For anyone that isn’t sure what Medium.com actually is, it was founded in 2012 as an online publishing platform. It allows authors to freely share their content with the world.

Though Medium has rapidly grown to millions of subscribers and the platform very much holds a community feel.

The value within a huge number of personal development articles on Medium is outstanding. There is so much information we can absorb, that can have a positive effect on our lives.

Yet for those that wanted this information in audio format, there was no go-to resource.

We knew the demand was there, but the format of sharing some of the amazing Medium articles was missing.

So Spoken Growth was created to fill this Gap.

Essentially we record the best articles from Medium and deliver them in an audio podcast format.

This allows us to listen to the inspiring content out there, and also share this with the world.

We have a huge amount of respect for the authors sharing their content with the world, so we ensured we went about creating Spoken Growth in the right way.

For every single episode that we record, we have been granted rights to do so.

We contacted each and every author that we would like to feature and asked for their permission to turn their articles into an audio recording.

The response we received was mind-blowing. The Medium community seemed to love this idea and were more than happy to help.

As a result, some of the biggest names from Medium are on board and behind our podcast.

So now we are able to share some incredibly popular articles via this Podcast, whilst bringing a new audience to the talented writers that have created content for the world.

We will work to launch a new podcast episodes every week containing the spoken content of some of the highest-rated articles that Medium has to offer.

Within each show we will always credit and link back to the original article as a way of thanking the author for their work.

We were so excited to launch SpokenGrowth.com and know we have the potential share some real value with a new podcast audience.

We will grow our library of content and continually introduce the work of new authors to a podcast audience.

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